Up-cycling is all the rage currently. A pun on the the design term of the year, why don’t you try Up planting!

If you have some large blank walls that need some colour, Installing some planters on secure fixtures is a great way to give depth and scale to your garden.

There are loads of different options to choose from and they don’t have to cost the earth


Montpelie2rIf you’ve got some ideas or you need some inspiration, get in touch!
We can Install and advise on structurally strong and attractive vertical planting.

















Maintaining vertical planting is very simple, with a variety of long reach hose adapters and water carrying vessels available
even irrigation systems












Containers can be light weight for ease of maintenance. If you require we can remove, renew and replace with seasonal treats!Whether Spring bulbs, mid Summer Colour or Evergreen grasses for Winter,





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