Mediterranean garden

A garden for entertaining

I took a couple of weeks off in the summer to tour central Spain which inspired a new garden idea.

You may have the typical small town garden which is currently a mix of straight beds with shrubs, perennial plants, weeds, plus odd pots, childrens’ stuff, a bit of lawn and a tired metal barbeque. All of which takes quite a bit of work to make it look decent and does not make the best use of the space for summer entertaining. So why not think about giving it a make-over for next year’s outdoor living? As hotter, drier summers seem to be becoming more consistent, a Mediterranean theme is very appealing and stylish.

Picture this view of your garden: in one corner is an attractive cream-painted Spanish-style masonry wood-fuelled barbeque with tapered chimney and wooden serving shelves. This can be in built from a kit or constructed from scratch.   Next to this, running towards and round the other corner, is an L-shaped run of raised wooden beds. These contain an easy-to-maintain Mediterranean  planting of grasses, aromatic herbs and colourful dry-loving plants.

Spanish BBQThere is a contrasting background of sea-green fencing or painted wall. Wooden bench seating is attached to the front of the raised beds and studded with bright cushions. Attractive stone replaces the tired lawn and one or two large terracotta pots brim with vibrant summer colour. The final southern Mediterranean touch would be a magnificent gnarled, ancient olive tree which would be a stunning feature (have a look at Villaggio Verde who supply mature trees) .

Olive tree 2This would be a very stylish but low maintenance garden for impressive summer entertaining and general relaxation.  If this garden theme appeals to you, Kustom Landscapes would be happy to advise and create a design for you.