Japanese Knotweed Removal, Treatment and Eradication

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What is Japanese Knotweed?

Introduced by the Victorians as an ornamental parkland plant, Japanese knotweed has become one of Britain’s most notorious invaders and there are many outbreaks in and around Bristol and Bath. Growing to a height of about 2 metres, Japanese knotweed  spreads by means of tough underground stems or rhizomes which can reach 2m below the ground. Although luckily it does not spread via seed, a tiny piece of stem can create a new plant in just a few days and that plant will grow at 10cm a day.  The most alarming aspect of the Japanese knotweed is that it can grow through brickwork, drains, concrete and asphalt which makes it a serious problem for property owners.

Why should I worry about Japanese Knotweed?

Here in Bristol and indeed the whole of the country many building societies and other lenders are now taking the threat of Japanese knotweed so seriously that they are instructing their surveyors and valuers to record any signs of the plant and may refuse loans or withhold cash if they think it is present on the premises.

What can I do about Japanese Knotweed?

Normal weed killers that are sold at garden centres are not powerful enough to kill Japanese knotweed. In fact, the application of weak herbicides induces dormancy where you may think that the problem is solved, only to have an outbreak in a different area later. The only herbicides that will be effective are sold under licence and require certified operatives to use these chemicals.

Kustom Landscapes can solve your problem.

Kustom Landscapes’ employees have full training in the use of licensed herbicides and experience in the treatment removal of Japanese Knotweed.  As it is such a persistent and invasive plant, a single application of herbicide is insufficient to eradicate it.

Japanese Knotweed Removal Bristol, Bath & South-West

Kustom Landscapes provide a three-season course of treatment during the growing season involving using powerful systemic herbicide application to kill the rhizomes underground. Digging is not recommended as breaking up the rhizome encourages growth. We will supply certification that the weed is being treated by a qualified contractor.

Japanese Knotweed Insurance backed Guarantees

We are pleased to be able to offer 10 year Japanese Knotweed insurance backed guarantees which have become a requirement from many lenders in Bristol, Bath and the rest of the UK in the event of buying and selling homes and properties effected by Japanese Knotweed. We are always happy to explain and discuss the options available to you so that you are prepared and informed.

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